Reservation & Rental Conditions



The documents requested at the DAMACAR offices during vehicle delivery, provided that at least one of them has a chip, are listed below, together with the limitations of the driver's license:



Identity Card (Passport for Foreign Customers)

Driving License (Foreign country licenses must contain Latin letters)



For Economy Class Vehicles: A minimum 2-year driving license is required.

For Medium Class Vehicles: Minimum 3 years driving license is required.

For Upper Class and SUV type Vehicles: Minimum 3 years driving license is required.



Our economy class vehicles: Fiat Egea Sedan, Citreon C-Elysee, Renault Clio, Peugeot 208, Hyundai i20

Our mid-range vehicles: Fiat Egea Cross, Renault Megane, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic

Our top class vehicles: Peugeot 408, Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Passat, BMW 2 Series, BMW 5 Series,

Our SUV class vehicles: Peugeot 2008, Opel Mokka, Jeep Renegade, Nissan X-Trail




DAMACAR company applies minimum driver age limit determined according to vehicle segments during vehicle delivery. Minimum driver age limits are set out below.


For Economy Class Vehicles: At least 21 years old

For Medium Vehicles: At least 23 years old

For upper class and SUV type Vehicles: At least 25 – 27 years old

It is obligatory to have one or two credit cards issued in the name of the driver in order to cover the deposit amount at DAMACAR offices during vehicle delivery. The number of credit cards you need to have with you, depending on the type of vehicle you will rent, is listed below.
For economy and middle class vehicles: Single credit card
For upper class and SUV type vehicles: Double credit card
Different Conditions:
If the driver is going to use a company credit card (Commercial card), a letter of approval on letterhead, a stamp with the company's trade name and a wet signature are required. The signatory must be a company partner or a member of the board of directors. Signature circular of the signatory is required.
DAMACAR company applies a certain amount of provision from the credit card or cards registered in the driver's name during the delivery of the vehicle. These amounts are stated below:
For economy class vehicles: 2.500TL
For middle class vehicles: 2.750 TL
For upper class and SUV type vehicles: 3.000 - 5.000 TL
Note: At least 2 credit cards are required for upper class and SUV type vehicles. A provision of 5,000 TL for each of these cards, a total of 10,000 TL, is applied.
Removal of Provision:
Provisions are removed within a maximum of 21 working days after you hand over the vehicle to DAMACAR company officials after your journey.
At the point where the payments received are reflected on the credit card of our customers, the commission, exchange rate difference, service fee etc. to be applied by the banks for any reason. DAMACAR is not responsible for the costs.
Before the vehicle allocation process is carried out, your credit score will be checked and evaluated with the Findeks application of the Credit Registration Bureau. A minimum of 1200 points is required for economy and middle class vehicles, and 1500 points or higher for luxury and SUV class vehicles.
DAMACAR reserves the right not to rent a car to a customer who has been in legal proceedings and has more than one period of delay in payments. 


1 300 300 3800
4 1200 1200  
5 1500 1500  
6 1600 1600  
7 1600 1600  
8 1700 1700  
9 1800 1800  
10 2750 2750  
11 2750 2750  
12 2800 2800  
13 2800 2800  
14 2850 2850  
15 3000 3000  
16 3000 3000  
17 3000 3000  
18 3000 3000  
19 3000 3000  
20 3100 3100  
21 3200 3200  
22 3400 3400  
23 3500 3500  
24 3600 3600  
25 3700 3700  
26 3700 3700  
27 3800 3800  
28 3800 3800  
29 3800 3800  
30 3800 3800  


Below is the detailed table of DAMACAR company regarding the number of rental days and the mileage limit to be applied. In cases where the mileage limit is exceeded, a fee of 3.00 TL for the economic and middle groups, and 5.00 TL for the Upper, Suv and Luxury groups will be charged per km.
An additional 100 km will be given for each day exceeding 30 days.
DAMACAR company receives the warehouse of the vehicles as it was delivered to you. If a full tank is given, you must also deliver a full tank in the same way. In case of missing fuel, 30% service fee will be added and collected by you.
Additional driver is charged 75 TL per person.
Child seat costs 100 TL per day.
Mini damage insurance is 145 TL per day. It provides coverage up to a maximum of 4000 TL for damages to the tire, glass or body of the vehicle without the need for a police report. This insurance is only valid for (one-sided) accidents that do not involve another vehicle.
Super mini damage assurance is 225 TL per day. It covers the damages to the tire, glass and body of the vehicle without the need for a police report, up to a maximum of 5000 TL. This insurance is only valid for (one-sided) accidents that do not involve another vehicle. In addition, it also covers Personal Accident insurance.
Ultra damage assurance is 295 TL per day. In this package, Super Mini + Personal Accident + Discretionary Financial Liability (IMM) offers an additional 1,000,000 TL limited assurance on top of traffic insurance limits.
Winter tires are 150 TL per day.
Young driver is 990 TL per day.
500 KM package is 900 TL per day.
1000 KM package is 1.500 TL per day.
All HGS passes and traffic fines belong to the customer. (including the use of faulty toll booths on bridges and highways) Even if these penalties are notified to the company later, the customer is personally responsible for the HGS crossings and all traffic fines during the rental period. A 20% additional service fee will be applied to the use of HGS and traffic fines. 
Vehicle delivery to the desired address or vehicle pick-up service from the desired address is subject to an additional fee. Since the additional fee varies according to the distance, you can get information from the call center at 0850 532 32 62 or from the nearest DAMACAR office.
If the vehicle is returned before the specified delivery date, the previously collected vehicle price will not be refunded.
If the tenant does not return the vehicle within the specified time, a daily penalty of 1300 TL will be applied for each day of delay and the tenant will be blacklisted.
There is an option for 1 hour to return the rented vehicles. For delays exceeding 1 hour, a 1-day rental fee is charged, including additional services and optional insurance.
In paid reservations, if the reservation is canceled up to 24 hours before the vehicle pick-up time, 200 TL will be deducted from the rental fee and will be refunded by DAMACAR.
Refund process for Prepaid Reservations varies between 3 and 5 working days, depending on the bank's processing intensity. 




For reservations made through the call center at 0850 532 32 62 or the nearest DAMACAR office, reservation changes will be made free of charge until 24 hours before the vehicle pick-up time.
For reservations with less than 24 hours remaining, the reservation will be changed or canceled based on the availability of the vehicle.
If there is a difference between the rental fee on the reservation date and the rental fee on the new reservation date, the difference will be charged.
It is forbidden to let the rented vehicle be rented in any form and under any condition, and to make it available to third parties even if it is free of charge.
By driver not specified as additional driver
In the transportation of passengers or goods against income
Race, speed determination, rally, durability test, motor sports and on roads closed to normal traffic and unsuitable
In the off-road conditions and unsuitable road conditions that are not suitable for the technical and endurance strength of the vehicle determined by the manufacturer.
It is strictly forbidden to use it for any illegal purpose, in business, terrorism, against the state and the law.
In case of detection of any of these situations, all kinds of damages of DAMACAR shall be borne by the Tenant immediately upon the first written notification. DAMACAR reserves the right to terminate the contract. 


The tenant is obliged to call the DAMACAR call center when the period of periodic maintenance comes in the use of the vehicle, to make an appointment with the services that DAMACAR deems appropriate, and to have the periodic maintenance of the vehicle free of charge.
If the vehicle is not maintained periodically and the vehicle's standard maintenance mileage is exceeded, the Tenant undertakes to pay all costs that may arise in case of exemption from the legal warranty process, in cash and in full.
Failure costs and loss of value etc. that may occur in the engine, mechanics, transmission (transmission failure due to incorrect gear change, continued use of the vehicle even though the warning light is on), etc. In such cases, DAMACAR cannot be held responsible, all responsibility belongs to the tenant.
As soon as the vehicle malfunctions and becomes immobile, the tenant is prohibited from leaving the vehicle until the road assistance towing service to be directed by DAMACAR comes.
Misuse, bad fuel use, carelessness, imprudence, etc. All damages, including all kinds of mechanical and electrical damages (faults and damages caused by fuel, etc.) belong to the lessee. 


Please call our call center at +90 850 532 32 62 in case of accident, vehicle breakdown or if you need support for any reason during the rental.
If the vehicle is in an accident unilaterally, accident, theft and alcohol detection reports must be obtained by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the (vehicle).
In DOUBLE-SIDED accidents, drivers are obliged to fill in the Material Damage Accident Report as specified on the report, depending on the type of accident.
To obtain a photocopy or legible image of the driver's license, license and traffic insurance policies of the party(s) in double-sided accidents,
Obtaining more than one image of the accident scene, the shape and location of the accident so that the license plate is visible,
During the accident, if there is a problem in the movement of the vehicle, the tenant does not leave the vehicle until the roadside assistance towing service to be directed by DAMACAR,
It is obligatory for the tenant to deliver all documents to DAMACAR within 24 hours.
It is forbidden to take the vehicle out of the country for rentals within the borders of Türkiye.
The phone number you can call in case of emergency: 0850 532 32 62
The vehicle you will rent is protected against crash, crash, theft and theft attempt. Damages that may be caused to third parties are also protected within the limits of traffic insurance.
However, the costs of damages that are not properly recorded (accident detection report, alcohol report, documents of the parties involved in the accident, etc.) belong exclusively to the user. In case of undeclared damages, the damage repair process is definitely not carried out with the driver's statement. 



Vehicles are delivered clean and returned clean. In case of possible pollution, the vehicle may charge a cleaning fee.
It is forbidden to carry pets or sacrificial meat in vehicles. 5.000 TL detailed hygienic cleaning fee is reflected.
Smoking is prohibited in vehicles.
Loss, damage, etc. of the original key of the vehicle. In this case, the user will be responsible for all costs involved. If a spare key is requested, an additional 20% service fee will be charged.
Other rental conditions, other than the titles mentioned above, are notified to you during the delivery of the vehicle by the authorized representative of DAMACAR company. Please do not forget to read the document presented to you before receiving the vehicle. 


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